TRANS & PHOTO - ‘RISE’ Press Conference + News Articles

Conflicts with Yang Hyun Suk in Producing Second Solo Album

Big Bang’s Taeyang shared his thoughts on releasing his second solo album.

Taeyang attended the press conference celebrating the release of his second solo album Rise on June 2 in CGV in Gangnam-gu.
Unveiling his music video for the title song Eyes, Nose, Lips for the first time, Taeyang caught attention by appearing topless in the video as he sang out yearning and love.
Taeyang said, “This is the second full length album being released under the name of Taeyang. The album’s title is ‘rise’ as I took a long time to prepare and it has been a long trip. Many things have happened until now and I tried to express them musically without losing any of the moments.”
He continued, “There was a great quantity of products but I only selected the best songs to be included. I felt greedy towards the end. It was the hardest part to fight my own greed but I tried to throw away the greed and select nine best songs that anyone would enjoy.”
Taeyang also said, “My initial goal was to produce an album that I could be satisfied with. But in the process of making the album, I began to have obsessions. I had a tendency to go deeper and deeper into the sound and feel of the music that I wanted to do. After much contemplation, I later realized that the I can only touch people’s heart with music when I can convey sincerity.”
He explained, “That’s why the album was delayed. I was into a color and liked it so much that I wanted to fill the album with just one color. I had conflicts with chairman Yang Hyun Suk in that sense, but thanks to that I was able to achieve good progress. Instead of fulfilling my greed, I thought it was more important to present music that more people can enjoy and like, so I picked out the nine songs."
Source: Enewsworld

Some bits from the other news articles on the press conference:
Planning A Guerilla Concert
Taeyang: I will work and promote actively when the album comes out. I have many things planned actually. Of course I will appear on weekend music programs, but I’m planning for a guerrilla concert too. I might not be able to show many things on TV because the World Cup is coming soon, so I want to promote with various performances. I’m thinking about it now.
On the album delay
Taeyang: Honestly, I felt tired because of the album delay. There are lots of rooms for producers in YG, and it took some time to make a room for me. It was hard waiting for the room to be made because the timing/release date wasn’t decided and it kept on changing. When I felt tired, I thought of my fans who have been waiting for 4 years.
Eyes, Nose, Lips MV
Taeyang: The Eyes, Nose, Lips MV is a one-take music video. I could only film it twice– once during sunrise and once during sunset. The set where some pictures were burned could only be used two times, so I tried to concentrate on the emotions. We completed it during the first take. The actress in the MV is Min Hyo Rin who has pretty eyes, nose, and lips. There’s also a relation/connection to the MV of 1AM.
On G-Dragon
Taeyang: Jiyong is really awesome. Because I see him as a friend, I feel something different (from others). Since his last album had great results, I was thinking that I want to be loved a lot with this album too. I was determined not make an album that falls behind, but I don’t have that sense of rivalry with G-Dragon.
Working with Tablo:
Taeyang: I like Tablo hyung’s lyrics personally. I love and admire his previous albums, so I asked if he can write lyrics for my song and he accepted gladly. My personal favorite lyrics are from Let Go (Track 8). It has a good story. Please listen to it.
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